The fastest way to access IRS financial data.

Businesses of all sizes use Tax Status to quickly and securely verify tax returns and income data for existing and potential clients.

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Our SBA loan pipeline was backed up waiting for IRS transcripts to come back via our IVES provider. The backlog was 77 loans and our customers, employees and leadership were all equally frustrated. Tax Status really delivers faster than anyone else and our borrowers with more complicated loans love the single consent for all of their businesses!.

- Commercial Lending Manager / $1.5 Billion Bank

Why Tax Status?

Automated IRS Data

All tax records, not just a few

From client consent to the arrival of tax records, everything is digital. It’s simple, automated, and offers a complete look at the entire history, not just a year or two.

Update any tax record in seconds

Automated records from the IRS take minutes or hours – not weeks. Update any of the tax records in seconds.

Tighter security and control

Receive official tax records directly from the IRS and control who can see them.

Total visibility

Everything you need to see the whole picture.

Ultimate verification

With Tax Status, you can check official income, historical income trends, and other critical financial data points, all right from the IRS.

Continuous access

No need to settle for a one time glimpse, with Tax Status you can see all of your client’s IRS data at any time.

Daily updates

With Live View, all tax data is updated daily – and you are informed of changes as they happen.

Advanced account monitoring

Protect your portfolio and investments by getting alerts of distressed IRS accounts early.

Streamlined audits

If you need to update a customer’s financial data, you won’t need to bother them for updated financials. You can get it all right from the source.

I love the loan process workflow and how fast we are getting back transcripts. Now we close SBA loans 3 weeks faster than any of our competitors!

- SBA Manager / $9 Billion Bank

Finally, you can quickly see what the IRS sees.