IRS Account Monitoring

All tax records and continuous insights on any individual or business at your finger tips - past, present and future.

Used by FinTechs and over 50 banks and credit unions


All-in-one platform

Simple API for easy integrations

Best-in-class customer experience

The Tax Status Platform is the only fully automated solution that provides all official transcripts and offers IRS account monitoring for continuous insights on any individual or business.

All Transcripts

No reason to order specific transcripts - you have access to them all.

Instant SSN/EIN Verification

Confirm with the IRS that the Tax ID is valid before you begin onboarding.

Tax Lien Balances

Confirm current Federal Tax Lien balances.

IRS Account Status

Quickly see if an individual or business is in good standing with the IRS.

New Filing Alerts

No need to chase borrowers for their latest tax returns - the system sends them to you as they are filed.

Liens, Levies and Audit Alerts

Protect your organization with alerts for new tax liens as they happen.

Real-Time Transcript Updates

Always current - update any transcript whenever you like.

Dynamic Routing of Alerts

Route critical notifications to people based on detected activity.

Subscriptions and flat rate pricing available.

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