About Us

We set out to change the way people interact with the IRS because we understood all too well how slow and time consuming it could be. Our team is dedicated to making things simple for individuals and businesses with a fast, secure, and elegant solution to receive verified records from the IRS in hours instead of weeks.

Our team is built on a set of shared values, emphasizing security, transparency, and partnership. We celebrate ambition, an eye for details and problem solving; and are always looking for motivated team-players to come join us.

Our Values

Make it Better

We believe that there’s always a better way. It’s why we started our company, but also why we keep working to improve on and add new offerings for our customers. The status quo isn’t set in stone, it’s a placeholder. And we intend to keep breaking through it.

Customers First

Faster responses, easier applications, lower prices — all of our offerings have been created to help make our customers’ lives better, because we believe happy customers make for better business.

United by diversity

We recognize that having diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and talents is what makes us stronger. Honoring that diversity enables us to make better tools for all of our customers, which is the ultimate goal.

Transparency wins

Our entire business is built on helping deliver transparency for our customers, and we practice it daily in our office. Through open, honest communication, we continue to create more trust within our walls and better products for those outside them.

Finally, see what the IRS sees.

Check us out, you will be glad you did. A little bit of your time now will save you hours and hours of hassle later.